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gloSnowPinesMiniPerhaps today is best considered as light comedy, at least for me — I realize that the snow is Quite a Serious Matter elsewhere — I’d got the steps swept again, got the defrost going on Monster, and was cleverly sweeping off the top of Monster using a long-handled brush, after carefully putting my satchel with ID and wallet back in the house so I wouldn’t dump snow into it while working.

Less cleverly, I forgot to retrieve that satchel of essentials before hieing off into the snowstorm, and therefore had to track back 30+ miles after discovering the error.

it’s rather like the forest creature that digs itself a burrow beneath a tree, carefully lines it with leaves and fur, and then, just as it’s turning around to enter that nice dry shelter, gets flumphed upon by a cascade of snow from the upper branches.  !!

Ah well.

It is pretty.

Now my thoughts turn to how much bustling around the house I need to do to merit a big mug of hot cocoa with some bracing bit of booze in it….

In the meantime, I see there are more of you out there reading this — Don’t be shy then; say hello!

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Amtrak909Things Not to Do: jump into the only train on the platform, then realize after the doors slide shut that you are starting to move north, not south.

Now, the train I was supposed to get on was supposedly still boarding, but it must have left just before I thundered down the stairs, so it wasn’t completely mad for me to have thought I was getting on my intended train.  On the other hand, I met some very nice conductors who kept me from wigging out completely and got me to my destination after a hour’s high-speed (de)tour of the Eastern Seaboard.

Now if only the Vermonter ran overnight, I could ride north on purpose….

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