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connectedtubes-sky1)  My special gardening weakness — I cannot seem to get a weedwacker to work for more than 8 minutes before snapping the line.

2) Recent dinner items — coconut spice tofu with mushrooms, sobe noodles with sesame oil, soy, and broccoli; blueberry-rosemary chicken

3) And the 24 hour news cycle catches Entertainment Tonight and Access flat-footed — apparently only one major star is supposed to die during any given day. [RIP Farrah; as for Michael, I’m not sure that he hadn’t died some time ago, and his brain from the Wizard just took a little while longer than expected to run down…]

Interviewer: “Why is it important to have a strong man?”
Farrah: “Why would anyone want a weak one?  What would you do with him?”

poppycenter4) If a substance is supposed to be chemically identical to another, why would you take an unquantified, untested product with that substance rather than one of the many FDA-evaluated and approved products containing that substance?  And what sort of ethical healthcare provider would recommend that iffy product to his patients “just to see if it helps”, then suggest that if you ever stop taking it, the hot flashes will come back? [Translation: I am absolutely furious at my mother’s Ob/Gyn — he takes her off HRT to protect her, and then suggests she starts chugging his new “all natural”, “bio-identical” concoction twice a day?  I cannot wait for ‘his’ product to launch so I can rant about it more specifically…]

5) I have worked out what to do with the various dregs in honey jars that accumulate:  pour in some medium-grade scotch or bourbon, and let the alcohol dissolve the honey. Then add sparingly to drinks, or even just to a glass of ice then filled with cold water.

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