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A better phrasing: “Where have I been?”

Not so much a matter of location, but of mental space.  One of the side effects of reorganizing papers is rediscovering the nautilus shell, each time with a new bit of identity thread tied to your leg as you work through every whorl and chamber.  The ‘me’ that was in graduate school suddenly brushes against the drawings from kindergarten, thanks to my parents’ careful saving of EVERYTHING.  The ‘me’ that studied Shakespeare and typed in WordPerfect finds ads for companies that don’t exist anymore, singers who should never have gone to Nashville, tiny chipped pots from foreign lands, and carefully-framed pictures of nameless ancestors.

Where does it all go?

What matters? What needs to leave?

What can be acknowledged, thanked, and sent on its way?

Who do I get to be next?

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BurgButterflyMy family has driven Saturns since 1992; my current Ion is called Rocket, because he’s my fifth one [Saturn #2, Emraux, died in a side-impact crash that I walked away from, the rest have all been traded in for upgrades]. Have I been happy with GM in the last few years? No. Have I liked the GM dealers who have just added Saturns to their flocks of regular GM cars, as opposed to the original Saturn pioneers? Not so much [some are probably fine, but the ones I’ve dealt with most recently seem to have to work to shift gears from the GM way of doing business to the customer focus/no games Saturn style….].

“Penske” to me means a company that runs rental fleets. I don’t know what they’ll be like as owners or holders of a car company. I haven’t seen a Renault car on a US road in ages [and didn’t they used to have “The One to Watch” as their ad slogan?]….and wouldn’t it be fun to see what some of the abandoned Saturn concept vehicles might be like? Oh, hey — what about the EV1? In five years we could have a new indy movie called ‘Who Resurrected the Electric Car?’, instead of ‘Who Killed” it….

Oh, all right: Rachne, Emraux, Saffir, Morgon, and Rocket.  Yes, I’m one of those Saturn drivers….

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