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The MacClay Leather company makes a variety of splendid objects.  I’d originally wandered by the booth to consider whether there might be lighter briefcase than the one I typically carry, or something that might be the right size to carry some writing essentials for a new writing gig.

Word is the person who really saw the potential in the smaller bags, pointing out that one not only had room for wallet and journal, but even had a compartment for holding a water bottle, and didn’t I always need to have my menthwasser handy?

She had a point.

Mr. MacClay was pleased — he had noticed that women were carrying water bottles, and thought that if he designed a bag that clearly was meant to carry them, they might sell. [He was clever about other things — he had cardboard models of tablet computers and notebooks to show what objects fit best into which of his products.]

I was pleased — the world is way too full of objects that seem totally divorced [that is not the right word, really, because that implies that at some point in the past there had actually been any relationship at all] from practicality, and yet here was a Thing that could Solve Problems.  But it took a bit of convincing for me to get it — I am not accustomed to finding non-food things I actually want to purchase…. [Anyone who’s been with me to traditional shopping venues knows that I can become a stressy hypoglycemic wreck by the end of a trip just from the mental burden of all the things I DO NOT WANT.]

So I have the creature, and it is remarkably handy. But I’m not used to it yet.  Not owning a purse very often in past decades means I find myself sometimes still calculating the assorted small objects I need to have close to hand while running errands or commuting, bobbling the things in my hands and actually saying out loud “You know, it would be really cool to have… like having a …like a bigger pocket, but sturdy, so I could carry all this….”

Word just looks at me with infinite patience.  I am grateful for her forebearance…. and for Mr. MacClay’s attention to detail.

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