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Either title will do; you can see from the weave that the pattern is small.  Appropriate for a child’s dress that wouldn’t even cover me from neck to navel at this point.

I suppose I should have a “Fabric” category for the blog — I keep finding items that might need memorializing.

(Siri ‘helpfully’ suggests I wanted to write “memory ozone” there. Really?!!)

There’s a chance I’m misremembering, but I think this dress is from my days of little red shoes with multiple buckles and insisting that all my stuffed animals be brought to the living room mid-afternoon, so ‘birthday parties” could happen.

The flannel fabric is still soft and the colors bright and I am not sure what to do with it now that it’s here. I’m better with furniture, really. I can work out what to do with furniture.

Kinda hard to convince either of the cats to wear this, even if Malkin would look adorable with his grey ruff puffing out from beneath a tiny Peter Pan collar…

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Let’s call things what they are.

Saving-spade---gardening2Let’s imagine how things could be….

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Soon the neighbors will be talking about autumn clean ups, and I will still be looking at the sky…

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Probably not as rough as some have had, and not as rough as some we’ll see soon.  But there are things that you do when you see they need doing, like standing in the late night rain with a sturdy oak staff — made from one of the remnants of limbing up the tree in the front yard — sloshing clumps of leaves out of the broad gutter in the alley.  Push, slosh the leaves out of the now moving water, twist, pull back and repeat. The air is black, silver drips from the edges of my hat, and the leaves are odd drowned colors — not at all the brilliant yellows and reds that they had a few weeks ago.

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I'd like to thank...

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I should not be able to go weeding on a bright February morning.  The frost should be hard, a bug-and-blight-killing cold, and the drainage trough in the alley should shimmer with thin plates of translucent ice.

Instead, I have daffodils coming up in the front yard, and the bulbs I’m supposed to be chilling outside to be forced in March are already thinking about bolting outside.

[These are not statements of blame, just frustration.  There are so many other forms of strangeness and uncertainty going around my life at the moment that it would have been nice to have something like the cycles of the year to rely upon.]

No, this wasn't taken this morning....

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