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Or squelches.  Squelching is what’s going on here.  For those of you still dealing with layers of Crystaline Aqueous Insulation, mud is surely in your future….

Here in Zone “7b-having Like Zone 6”, we have mud, crocuses, and the beginning swells of daffodil blossoms. Pussywillows!

And, if you’re paying attention, the kinds of chaff you don’t leave around for the insects to crawl out of:

CleanoutIrisBedsNowIf you’ve grown iris for any number of years, you know the damage iris borers can do.  Here’s something to help thwart the next generation of those horrible things:  remove all the dead leaves and DO NOT put them in your compost pile.

My aster and goldenrod stalks will remain where they are a little while longer, but I’ve pruned the grapes and hope to get a little time to thin the old raspberry canes this weekend.  We’ll see.

Wishing you all fair weather and dry basements….


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Then there is no mountain, then there is…


I can’t remember the song title, or the singer, but the usage should make more sense tomorrow…

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I just haven’t been digging much this week.  I should have been; I think I might have fried the Clethra [Summersweet] via neglect.  But here’s what’s blooming now:

July09BloomsSo here we see the raingardent all grown up — the lilies in the background, by the spent rose and lavender, the phlox, daisies and butterfly bush coming into their own in the forerground.  What you can’t see to the right and below these plants are a new red salvia, some asters I grew from spring cuttings, some victoria sage, and a nice blue mix of veronica and Stoke’s asters.

Now this next view is near the back porch, in between the pathway and one of the mighty fig trees.  I put this in last year to make room for some of the iris sale iris…. I thought it would be nice for some herbs [sages and thymes] and a few annuals [this time around it’s verbena, lobelia, and some marigolds].

The iris sale is tomorrow, by the way, so my dear Midnight Gardener will get to find out what goodies I can snag him, along with the extra Devilish Delight rhizomes I’ve already set aside for him.


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The semester is galumphing to a close, and the flowers are coming on strong:


Doesn’t this iris look as if it just staggered out of a bar? [I leave it to your imagination what kind of bar, but I will say that this iris’s standards were a bit more perky after some light rain.]

And then we’ve got Ms. Peachy over here: [oh heavens — are we in for torrid iris romance? Or perhaps I’ve just watched a few too many waltzes recently.  It’s sad when the only thing the local PBS can offer on a Sunday afternoon are Lawrence Welk reruns].PeachIris09

And finally, some cats-eye [a variety of creeping veronica, really] from my grandmother’s mountain-top garden:


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