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starmagnoliaclose09Most of them are doing pretty well — I’m listening to the Easter service from St. George’s Chapel at Windsor Castle — now that I have the mini-speakers hooked up to my laptop again, I can hear the full <whummmmp> of the lowest registers on the pipe-organ.  Very nice.

My students were warbling a bit today as well — some about wanting class outside, some about whether I liked their latest batch of papers, and some about how they’d just as soon do some simpler project than the one I’m making them do next.backlit-daffs-09

Honestly, the ground isn’t right yet for class outside, and I needed to use the projector during this session.  But later, I might be persusaded.

It’s not fair for a rhetorician to always refuse to be persuaded, and I like a warm spring day as much as the next sun-starved human being.

But could we wait for the damned Bradford pear trees to stop polluting the air?

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