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Things keep piling up in the rearview, and at the moment I haven’t the right words for them.  So instead, a happy signpost of the season:


The star magnolia in the front yard is starting to split out from its fuzzy silver calyces; the pussy willows in the side yard are puffing out.  It’s too early to tell whether the many transplants have survived the winter, but I am seeing shoots from the bulbs I buried last fall.  I hope the rabbits have other things they can nibble on while I locate where I put the garden’s allotment of hot pepper flakes.

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20150202-222658.jpgAt the stroke of ten, on Groundhog’s Day

In swirled the flock of robins


Startled starlings, scattered squirr’ls,


Stalked around the raspberry canes,


Perched and preened while

Peering about — was it time?

Was it, was it,

Is it time?


Must have flown all Imbolc night

Though sleet and ice

And here they are, and there, and over there, so probably


This is as good a time as any.


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I know I heard the red-winged blackbirds recently.  Flocks of robins have been poking at the mud patches.  Tonight I heard the foxes barking.

Maybe the calendar and the season will get themselves together once the silly humans play games with their mechanical clocks again…

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Back north, the witch hazels are blooming, and the first aconites are popping up around the woodlands.  [sigh] I typed that sentence around New Years’, and didn’t post because there hadn’t been any aconite sightings around here.  But yesterday that changed — Hurrah!

  They’re just so cheerful,with their bright petals and green Kermit frills.  We used to have drifts of them skittering around the rocky hillside and across the front yard — just a brief flash of gold, when everything was white or crumbly brown.  They’d fade out just as the pink violets began to bloom.

Now there are just these few, hiding beneath the skeleton of last year’s Baptisia, and maybe a few lurking beneath the shrubs out front.  Ah well.  It’s something.  Even tiny bits of splendor are worth waiting for.



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