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Prawns and dill are a Swedish thing — and I am not, but I do like a good Midsommer celebration, even when there have to be some substitutions in the foods for the festivities.

And for those who like the occassional recipe: [you will have to scale up for more shrimp, of course; I only poached half a pound of them]

Fill the pan you will be cooking in about halfway full with water.  Get it simmering.
Meanwhile, prepare and add the following:

Clove of garlic, in several big pieces
Pinch of ginger powder [if you have real ginger-root, add to your liking]
Bay leaf
Several fronds of baby fennel [baby fennel because that’s what is growing in the pots I bought. Later in the year it might have been one rib of “grown-up” fennel]
Splash of wine [or Dubonet, which is what I use for cooking many things]
Pinch of salt

Let simmer for 5 minutes before adding the shrimp, then simmer for a few minutes [3?] more to get the shrimp poached.  Get shrimp on ice right after they have turned that nice shade of pink.


To add insult to injury:  Mango with Mint and Basil

Get two nice “champagne” mangos [the little yellow ones] that are fully ripe.

Peel and dice out the fruit.

Go out into the backyard and gather basil, basil flowers, and some mint.

Chop these into fine little shreds — it’s sort of like confetti or sprinkles for the fruit
Add to mango pieces, mix, and add a splash of mead, wine, or balsamic vinegar


The mead-du-jour was B.Nektar {Wildflower} from Michigan, which
is aged briefly in oak casks [nice, change from other meads I’ve had, although now I _really_ want to try the version aged in the bourbon barrels…!]

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beecrocusI know there are several hours to go until Spring is officially here, but the crocuses were blooming in the sun yesterday, and sure enough, there were bees.  Let’s give the lady here a big welcome, and hope her hive thrives this year!

Buzz buzz buzz, yes she does…

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