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That’s what the Great Blue Heron here was doing a moment or two before I got my camera out.  I’d really not thought I’d get a chance to snap any pictures at all, because so often they see you approach and fhwoooph! out go those giant wings and you only get to see the creature leap into the sky, up, up, and away from you.

Left-facing-Heron-winterThere was only a small patch of open water near where the Heron was sitting, and it didn’t seem inclined to go wading out beyond the shoreline.  Can’t blame it; the water might be a little warmer than the air, but it’s still 32 or below [I am guessing that brackish water freezes at a lower temperature, much the way salt water does].

Rain, ice, rain, snow, ice.

Music selection: Slip Slidin’ Away, by Paul Simon

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20150202-222658.jpgAt the stroke of ten, on Groundhog’s Day

In swirled the flock of robins


Startled starlings, scattered squirr’ls,


Stalked around the raspberry canes,


Perched and preened while

Peering about — was it time?

Was it, was it,

Is it time?


Must have flown all Imbolc night

Though sleet and ice

And here they are, and there, and over there, so probably


This is as good a time as any.


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What does this get me, asks the Cat.


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I was listening to an episode of RadioLab yesterday, the one about Color Perception. They enlisted the help of a choir to illustrate with harmony what different creatures could perceive with their eyes. Dogs with blues and greens, but no reds, humans with red, green and blue, enabling us to see more…..but not as much as butterflies, and not a fraction of what mantis shrimp can apparently see [I especially loved the joyous sound of the choir as they triumphantly sang “The Maaaahntis Shriiiiiiiiimp!”]

Granted, it’s unlikely any mantis shrimp is going to be stopping by here, but I’d like to imagine that this is what they might see, looking at the “grey” weathered tree trunk I saw while walking through the arboretum recently.  I haven’t added any color to the above image — just turned the saturation up to 80, and this is what appeared.

So often people complain that x or y has missed some “nuance” or shade of grey.  What else are we missing?  And is that missing stuff where all the fun is hiding?

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…there’s a public access to the water, in between several owned properties.  And along the rocky shoreline, I was able to find some fossilized corals and a few younger [relatively] bits of the past.


The orange-ness of the rust isn’t well-captured here.  The blue-greys of the aged metal don’t come through quite right, either.  But you get the idea, I hope…

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I’m grateful for the rain, as are the new roses and all the other plants that have come to live with us.  The farmers are probably pleased, to.  But enough with the grey already!

On the other hand, these grey-scale yarns shown at Maryland Sheep and Wool were right lovely.  I’d gotten to visit Tess’s in Bath, Maine, last summer.  Even as the Non-Knitting Spouse, I like the look and feel of yarn….

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A nearby Arboretum has neatly-arranged beds of asters and other meadow flowers; this is one of the stalks left standing:

The seedheads are small, maybe the size of a quarter, but something about their branches makes me think these might be some relative of yarrow.

Because the weather has still refused to produce snow, I couldn’t get any nice sharp shadows of these against a white ground. Someday.

On the other hand, the children playing outside seem perfectly happy to shriek and frolic, and the squirrels are stalking one another up and down the trees.  Some good comes of almost everything.

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