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I knew the phrase, but certainly didn’t think one of my objects would ever be a beneficiary — yet here is one of my first little projects, a slab-built box with sgrafitto, terra-sig’ed and saggar-fired while wrapped in heavy aluminum foil:

I’d not put any significant amount of combustibles in the box, although there were two old seeds that had been in with the detritus I’d stuck in there….and those seeds survived the fire, somehow ending up plated with aluminum [there were also little spheres of aluminum formed in the base of the box, and the grey crust on the back edge of the box is also probably melted aluminum].

What will the little wave box do next?  It will get a bit of wax, and then sit on my desk, holding pens, or brushes, or dried herbs, I think. And maybe I will make it some friends someday.

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