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Actually, I don’t recommend parking on the jellyfish: the traction is terrible getting back onto the street.

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Almost exactly one year ago, I was in a meeting in which I listened to decent people try to work around a requirement that was supposed to have been helpful.  I grumble periodically about how students seem not to understand the system in which they are supposed to be striving and thriving, but it’s no more pleasant to watch at the next levels up — where grad students, post docs, and professors are each in their own ways swimming around increasingly large aquaria wondering why the food isn’t showing up where it used to, or wondering why the Universe has decreed that these are the only decorations allowed in the tank.Taken from a Dover images Friday Sampler

How can we swim, so that the currents are in our favor?  How can we align ourselves so our scales flash most brilliantly, or we hide most effectively from the budget-cutting sharks?  Eliot groused in Prufrock that perhaps it was better to be a “pair of ragged claws” scuttling across the ocean floor.

A year ago I thought: “I think I’m better off developing lungs and climbing the hell out.”

So I’ve been climbing….. (To confirm this for your own quest for lungs, air, and freedom, here are some additional examples)

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More studies need to be conducted involving [this fish] in order to
determine whether or not PCBs had an effect on it putting
cause for more research in the future.

The fish were unavailable for comment.  I just slapped a grade on the document and moved on to the next logical disaster…

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There are actually at least three blogs lurking beneath the surface here:

  • CopterCopter: Stories from urban Elsinore
  • PolyMirror: Reflections on a young craft
  • I’m not Thory: Exasperation as an art form

We’ll see which of these, if any, actually leap into the air, like fish, and fly.

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