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The irony of me giving advice on purse selection to my Beloved is not lost on me.fashionbagno

There I am, in one of the many Filene’s Basements [which, strangely, is on the second floor of this particular shopping area] soon to close forever, talking with my sweetheart about the delicate balance between a purse that is too small to be of any use and a bag that is large enough for an airline attendant to decide it ought to go in the hold with the other luggage.

I utter bizzare collections of sentences, such as “Well, leather can be heavy…”, “Yes, the beading is adorable”, “Can you get that up on your shoulder?” and “I could clip that bit off with wire-cutters, no problem” in the same paragraph.

At one point I walk away, locate some rather fetching jackets, and bring the prizes back for appraisal before skulking off, holding coats and potential hand-bag purchases, to stand outside the dressing rooms.  Two salespeople take turns asking if I’d like to try on x or y fur coat, since I seem to be hoverring amid them. “No, no….I just didn’t know they had bred minks in these colors before.”

Later I pick up a Kenneth Cole wallet, a nice black thing with a metal nameplate, realize that it really isn’t that much bigger than the wallet that’s wearing out in my back pocket, and decide to buy it.  I suspect it completely eliminates any femme cred I might have exhibited earlier in the day.


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