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One of the upsides of freelancing is getting to learn new topics and have economic justification for researching all kinds of things.  But if a client fails to tell you where you should be, who you will be meeting, their area of interest, and what the dress code is, it’s hard to be ready to do your best work.

[sigh] Yes, yes, it builds character.  Onward!

Time for another phone call, methinks.

And, because I shouldn’t leave y’all without some eye candy, let’s see what’s in the cue….. Ah, yes — here’s a lovely Stewartia pic:


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Although I haven’t died, and none of my exes live in Texas [in fact, I’m more likely to stumble upon them via Facebook].

It’s September, start of the academic [and Jewish] year, and I’m trying to be back here.  The cats are on a diet. The lawn has been impressively cowed by asters:

…and I might even get a manuscript started today.

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Few of these leaves survived the weekend’s rains, but I thought you should see them anyway:

AutumnLeafSky09This was taken with Word’s camera; the sensor on my Nikon 5700 is misbehaving again:

NikonSensorFail1The rhodie is roughly the correct colors, but the basket and morning glories sure as hell aren’t!  Purlewe thought it might be a battery problem, but this was with a new, newly charged battery, so I’m not feeling optimistic about my camera at the moment….

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