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Let’s see :

  • Full moon
  • Incoming hurricane
  • Anniversaries of loss and change
  • All Hallow’s Eve and the Day of the Dead
  • Balky heating system
  • Seasonal benign paroxysmal vertigo

But no, none of these things say “Coming Apocalypse” quite as strongly as “I’ve voluntarily gone to three malls in the last 36 hours and bought clothing in each one.”

Just thought I should share this with you….

[Recommended musical selection:  “Good Night Moon” by Shivaree]


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Just out for my late morning amble….

It hadn’t occurred to me that mantids only immobilized their victims after capture. I thought there was some quick, venomous bite involved… But no: this one just grabbed a bumblebee on a nearby aster flower, nipped off its wings, and began chowing down. If a bee limb flailed too much, that, too, was clipped, and dining resumed.

Would you like to join me for lunch? I was just setting the table…

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“Y’know, even with a pretty steep rise, putting that staircase in from the hallway is gonna put you right up against the rafters when you come up…”

“Arrrrrhgh.  There’s no — [silence].”

“Now….that might be the water pipe… But I don’t think we want to touch it — if it’s been like that for a hundred years, now might not be a good time to try and — nope, that thing’s not moving.”

Several hours later, we discover that the other valve he tried did control the water system….

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