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This bed near the back door had been depressing me; the infill hadn’t been installed correctly, and I knew parts of an old walkway were still beneath the edge. Today I got to digging, rooting out the broken concrete and using cinder blocks, bricks, and stones to build a slightly higher wall. Then I brought over compost, peat mix, 5 pounds of coffee grounds, and dirt from random pots to raise the soil level.

There’s room for some spring bulbs, maybe some annuals that start from seed [It’s sometimes hard to tell, though, what’s really an “annual” around here…]

So the established peonies, climbing rose, goldenrod, asters, and mint are joined by a red coreopsis, Hidcote lavender, catmint, and a magenta salvia.

A good afternoon’s effort, I think.

An unexpected bonus was getting to see a Black Swallowtail visiting the fennel — probably a descendant of the one photographed here — coming to lay eggs. It’s so rewarding to see the cycle begin again!


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Tomorrow I’ll get a photo of the finished work, but today I did get four azaleas, 24 daffodil bulbs, 24 anemone corms, some stray grape hyacinth bulbs, two magenta vervain, 8 small mums, and two echinacea planted in that new garden bed.  Joining them are two Baptisia [which may not like what I had to do to get them out of the places they were already living — I knew they had tap roots, but did not think there were so many or so many long ones I’d have to deal with], and a dark pink aster that came out with one of the Baptisia.

Tomorrow I’ll try to get some bulb food sprinkled  onto the area, and maybe layer on more LeafGro. Thursday, providing more of the world doesn’t end, I may go get bricks for edging everything.  I think I’ll need a good mess of bricks.  That’s an inaccurate unit of measure, but since I’ll have to move them by hand, I can call them whatever I please.

The neighbors have noticed the digging, and now at least can see that the area is intended for blooms and beauty, rather than stray cadavers.  If I can get sufficiently organized, I’ll use some of the bricks to weigh down blackout cloth to help eliminate more lawn in the spring

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There’s a section of the yard that I think might really look good with a small pond and a recirculating watercourse leading to it.  Since the likely pond spot is right where water tends to pool anyway in the spring [although not this spring], I’d be working with the land features in a way that might mimic what once was here [have I talked about all the rounded pebbles and river rocks I find 6-12 inches down everywhere in this yard?]


Maybe not as long as this one, but I think the look is right [and it justifies collecting more rocks!].
If I’m lucky, at some point it might also justify some of these Fish in the Garden

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The weather has been too wet and mosquitoful for me to spend a lot of time in the garden these last few weeks, but I did stumble on this site today, and I think it’s worth a look:  Restoration of Mellon Park Gardens in Pittsburgh.

I love a good garden restoration story… [example of another good one: Lost Gardens of Heligan]

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I just haven’t been digging much this week.  I should have been; I think I might have fried the Clethra [Summersweet] via neglect.  But here’s what’s blooming now:

July09BloomsSo here we see the raingardent all grown up — the lilies in the background, by the spent rose and lavender, the phlox, daisies and butterfly bush coming into their own in the forerground.  What you can’t see to the right and below these plants are a new red salvia, some asters I grew from spring cuttings, some victoria sage, and a nice blue mix of veronica and Stoke’s asters.

Now this next view is near the back porch, in between the pathway and one of the mighty fig trees.  I put this in last year to make room for some of the iris sale iris…. I thought it would be nice for some herbs [sages and thymes] and a few annuals [this time around it’s verbena, lobelia, and some marigolds].

The iris sale is tomorrow, by the way, so my dear Midnight Gardener will get to find out what goodies I can snag him, along with the extra Devilish Delight rhizomes I’ve already set aside for him.


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