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Daffodils and Copters

Yes, it’s nearly 7pm on a partly cloudy spring evening, and the copter is circling.

The copter, any copter. They are Copter, they are Legion, anonymous great gnats whirlygigging for 15 minutes and then wandering off — sometimes followed by sirens, sometimes not. Tonight, “not”, but there’s still 5 hours worth of today left to have more copters and then sirens. As the weather gets warmer, there will be more motorcycle racing, more police non-pursuits [because you aren’t allowed to chase down a motorcyclist — someone might get hurt], and someone in the sky will need video footage of these events.

Also legion, but better behavedThe daffodils are also legion, but they are much better behaved. Of course, I did plant most of them, so perhaps they are more aware that they are here at my pleasure, than the copters, for whom I buy gas, but don’t ‘own’ in the same sense.

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I guess I was spoiled, living for years in a wooded area in the lee of a hill.  Wind gusts of 40+ mph are fairly frequent around here.

Outside the house, that means large branches from trees I don’t own become frequent projectiles.  Inside the house, it means we learn new sources of draftiness on a regular basis.

Mixed-up musical cue:  Bono and U2, singing “In-sul-a-tion!”

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Many of the Elsinoreans are quiet folk. They tend their tomato plants in the front yard, they plant chrysanthemums in the alleyway. Together we retrieve the flotsam left from college students staggering back to their campuses after Thursday night pubcrawls.

And then, there is the raucous revival meeting/episode of Soul Train that happens sporadically, down by the corner of OpenPit and Movie (you get one set of sounds if it’s the beginning of the month, and another at the end of the month, depending on I’m Not Rightly Sure)…. Today the shouting only went on for a few hours, and seemed to be an argument between the Resident and someone standing in the middle of the street, hefting a large rectangular object in one hand.

Eventually, we came to the conclusion that this was a loud encounter of the Jehovah’s Witness kind, which raised the likelihood of the “Bible” guess being correct.

You can argue amongst yourselves about the edition of the good Book which was being waved. Honestly, though, I’d be more civil to someone coming to my front door offering me a Toaster, especially since I would then get to discuss how I earn home appliances [a toaster and a blender so far, thank you very much…]

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There are actually at least three blogs lurking beneath the surface here:

  • CopterCopter: Stories from urban Elsinore
  • PolyMirror: Reflections on a young craft
  • I’m not Thory: Exasperation as an art form

We’ll see which of these, if any, actually leap into the air, like fish, and fly.

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Porque CopterCopter?

One of the curious things about life in Elsinore [aside from the total lack of Danish princes] is the range of helicopter species which regularly buzz the area. At least twice a day, there’s some sort metal mosquito hovering around, but we rarely get any news that explains what has happened, or why they had to circle over the house 16 times before rushing off to the next mystery.


Copter, Copter in the sky/Once again we wonder, ‘Why?’

The city is supposed to have a “Rumor Control” hotline, but when I call, the phone just rings and rings. Maybe I’m calling too late? Maybe rumors are only supposed to be controlled during daylight hours?

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