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This is a house with a knitter who loves wool, so it’s vitally important to domestic happiness that we keep moths from setting up house with us. Thus, the pheromone-baited moth traps.  The traps are lined with sticky stuff, and the lures themselves stick onto that. But first you have to get the lures out of their foil and plastic envelope, which comes with the following warning:

Do not handle lures.  You may attract moths.

Now, I know this isn’t an idle threat.  The fellow who first synthesized a moth lure was hounded [so to speak] by eager insects — the moths of that particular species could find him amid crowds of other people.  I’m not eager to replicate that experiment….

A separate observation is that this brand of moth lure comes with a masking scent, some nasty artificial vanilla worthy of a car air freshener, and the trap is only supposed to work on _web_ clothes moths, not “case-making” clothes moths.  Shall we lay odds on the kind we’re more likely to get?  [sigh]


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