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Unsurprisingly, this never caught on….


To be honest, other than the text and the mustaches, there was very little I had to do here; we can compliment/blame Alice Cordelia Morse for her lovely watercolor and gouache work.  It’s archived at the Smithsonian, as an image from the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum. I’m reasonably sure that the skull-like blotches around the cross were really meant as shorthand for cherub faces.  But scrubbing bubbles [wha-hoo!] are much more entertaining.

We’ve had a houseguest that did not arrive [or leave] on four feet.  So perhaps that’s why cleaning has been on my mind?

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Scan-1927-O-Cedar-Ad-16045246I assume you can sort this out.  If it was a rebus, I guess my message would be “Spring Cleaning is for the Birds”?  Maybe?  It’s a lovely day.  [Well, outside children are screaming, but that’s just the nursery school at recess]

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The things are everywhere.  THINGS.  Some of them are useful, some attractive, but an irritating lot of them are just there, taking up space [physical and mental] — they need to go.

With the holidays mostly past [there are still a few family members we haven’t been able to visit with yet, and Christmas doesn’t officially end in our home until after Epiphany…sometimes well-after], it’s time to declutter!

So far I’ve manage to find most of the kitchen counters, my desktop, my work table, and there’s hope that next week will be full of similar bustling.

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