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The new garden bed is starting to show signs of life.  Crocuses, grape hyacinth leaves, a bit of new growth at the base of the perennials, and little red fists of peony leaves are punching upward from the soil…NewBulbGarden2015I’ve also learned that a happy side effect of leaving more of the aster stalks up through the winter is that it is more difficult for the rabbits to get at the rock iris:

Crocus-RockIris2015And did you notice our first Special Guest Bee for 2015?  Yes!  The First Bee of Spring!!

It’s right near the center of one of the striped crocuses.  Here:

It's a Bee!

Maybe a polyester bee?

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Let’s call things what they are.

Saving-spade---gardening2Let’s imagine how things could be….

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Kill your darlings, bury your hopes; trust that what comes next is better than what is now….

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Just because that’s the filter name; I was fully dressed and had just been outside for two hours, getting some weeding and bulb-planting done….
The day had been fairly grey, so I hadn’t expected much from the last rays of the sun.  As the sky got progressively darker, I opted to go inside and thaw out my fingers by the fireplace.  But shortly thereafter I noticed there was an interesting orange glow in the west, which reminded me strongly of the orange wash used in a painting from Word’s family.  So I got up and went to the kitchen for a better look.

Then I grabbed the camera and went outside again!

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It is a Tuesday, sunny, and we’re smack in the middle of April, which means it’s time for [well, yes, taxes] the First Mowing of the Year at the nearby Church and Graveyard!

Little tractor mowers [they have to be small to nip in between the gravestones], spiffy scooter mowers [sort of Segways with teeth], gas-powered string trimmers… About as loud as a Copter derby, but they’re on the ground.

When they work their way around to the far side of the church, past the labyrinth, the sudden silence is like a marvelous, unexpected gift from a friend.

Until the children in the daycare playground start screaming again.

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