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Old Door Old Railroad Town

The warehouse has been empty so long that the floor joists have rotted…but the shell is still here, and the town seems to be gentrifying just up the block.  So maybe this will be repointed, and revived as…something other than a place for swifts and swallows to hide, in between their forays down to the waterfront to chase the mayflies and junebugs?

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Single falling flame sky-polished

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Ah, the beauty of the Denver Botanic Gardens….

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Things settle down

Or maybe they just rumble on in a different key.


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Granted, this was sent in 1910, so there have been quite a few intervening seasons since this image was first [literally] posted, but this is one tree that Ember cannot climb!

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Points if you know the song lyrics, of course.  This picture is unrelated, in the sense that I knew I wanted to post the image before the title for the post made an awkward shift from a single word to something with more [literal] resonance..


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Asters of the Universe


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All those bulbs I planted last fall are starting to erupt in color….


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Things keep piling up in the rearview, and at the moment I haven’t the right words for them.  So instead, a happy signpost of the season:


The star magnolia in the front yard is starting to split out from its fuzzy silver calyces; the pussy willows in the side yard are puffing out.  It’s too early to tell whether the many transplants have survived the winter, but I am seeing shoots from the bulbs I buried last fall.  I hope the rabbits have other things they can nibble on while I locate where I put the garden’s allotment of hot pepper flakes.

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