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A client explains that their client is being indecisive about the level of detail they want in a manuscript.  The asters and goldenrod want to be very tall, very quickly.  The cats do not believe that what I gave them two hours ago really constituted “dinner”. I haven’t got the laundry started.  I haven’t really eaten my own dinner.

I may have had too much coffee, too late in the day. 

I have more coffee downstairs and still plan on drinking it.

The ombre pastels of the sky would have looked lovely as velvet upholstery in a Grace Kelly movie.

Advil?  Yes, that’s probably a better idea than some I’ve had in the last 45 minutes.

The cockroach ice cream truck trundles through the neighborhood on the first evening of the year genuinely hot enough to require its presence.

Amid all this, the Velveteen Rabbi asks:

How can you be kind to yourself as you try to sustain the big work of your life? How can you hold yourself with love even as you struggle to keep putting one foot in front of the other, despite obstacles and difficulties which inevitably arise? Can you respond even to those difficulties from a place of unending love?

Oh, no pressure…

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