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Tomorrow I’ll get a photo of the finished work, but today I did get four azaleas, 24 daffodil bulbs, 24 anemone corms, some stray grape hyacinth bulbs, two magenta vervain, 8 small mums, and two echinacea planted in that new garden bed.  Joining them are two Baptisia [which may not like what I had to do to get them out of the places they were already living — I knew they had tap roots, but did not think there were so many or so many long ones I’d have to deal with], and a dark pink aster that came out with one of the Baptisia.

Tomorrow I’ll try to get some bulb food sprinkled  onto the area, and maybe layer on more LeafGro. Thursday, providing more of the world doesn’t end, I may go get bricks for edging everything.  I think I’ll need a good mess of bricks.  That’s an inaccurate unit of measure, but since I’ll have to move them by hand, I can call them whatever I please.

The neighbors have noticed the digging, and now at least can see that the area is intended for blooms and beauty, rather than stray cadavers.  If I can get sufficiently organized, I’ll use some of the bricks to weigh down blackout cloth to help eliminate more lawn in the spring

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Back north, the witch hazels are blooming, and the first aconites are popping up around the woodlands.  [sigh] I typed that sentence around New Years’, and didn’t post because there hadn’t been any aconite sightings around here.  But yesterday that changed — Hurrah!

  They’re just so cheerful,with their bright petals and green Kermit frills.  We used to have drifts of them skittering around the rocky hillside and across the front yard — just a brief flash of gold, when everything was white or crumbly brown.  They’d fade out just as the pink violets began to bloom.

Now there are just these few, hiding beneath the skeleton of last year’s Baptisia, and maybe a few lurking beneath the shrubs out front.  Ah well.  It’s something.  Even tiny bits of splendor are worth waiting for.



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