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More studies need to be conducted involving [this fish] in order to
determine whether or not PCBs had an effect on it putting
cause for more research in the future.

The fish were unavailable for comment.  I just slapped a grade on the document and moved on to the next logical disaster…

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“She also found herself grieving the death of a quarter horse, whose movements were remarkably natural.”

…as opposed to all those quarter horses with unnatural gaits?  Isn’t the action of a quarter horse one of the main features of the animal?  And the less a reader knew about horses, the stranger the sentence would get…

[sigh]  See the original article here

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The alarm clock goes off, and the radio announces “Chrysler is alive!”

Xeno begins throwing up a hairball next to the bed.  I manage to steer him into the hallway for the bulk of the activity.

And then I get to greet the following sentence in a resume:

“This position appears to be both physically and mentally demanding, both of which I am ready to rise to the occassion.”

Later, Leia coughs up a hairball in the hallway.

And, it turns out, Chrysler isn’t all that “alive”.

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Happy Nowruz, Happy Spring, Happy Oestra!

EclecticOilKittyNow would someone pass the mead over this way?

In writing about any topic it is essential to have the ability to recognize the differences among audiences and strategize the writing to meet those differences.

Initially, looking at the [item] one notices the journal is long in length.

The general public is always an extensive informative article.

Many flies were young.

The language that the author uses is also intense and hard to maneuver if you were a general audience.

And people wonder why I procrastinate with the grading….  Oy.

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spilled-pillsOh, well we haven’t had one of these posts in a while. One of the side effects of cleaning is that I sometimes find stashes of terrible sentences. These have to be at least ten years old, so the people involved are perhaps already doing things like filling your prescriptions, providing occupational therapy, or helping out with our financial system.

“These changes, though huge in their ability to drive the revolving world, have in time, averted our attention towards the smaller components of society.”

“Today’s teachers are hard to come by.”

“This is why home schooling produces such a developed mind due, to the application of the teacher towards developing one mind. But that is another topic.”

“There has been a noticing decline….”

“The teacher must be firm and hard yet understanding.”

“The parent and child switch roles, only to see that the child realizes parenthood is not what it’s to be and radically changes into the ‘knowledged’ child.”

“Sometimes for this to happen it involves misbehaving during class.”

“Anger overthrows the lonely Mrs. Johnson and her hair stands on end.”

I leave it to each of you to decide what you’re most grateful for at this point….

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