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But we did have an awesome sunset earlier in the week…


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I suppose that in an age of cloud drives and cheap terabytes, I shouldn’t be bothered with this, but I am trying to sort out what can be deleted from my laptop.


This may be one of those tasks that surface from the swirl of Things To Be Done when other Things are less attractive or too fraught — rather the way “testing all the pens” or “neatening the desk” became substitutes for grading, as the weather got better and the spring semester stumbled to a close.

Late April.  Grading.  Sending students on their way.

Yeah, no.  They get to do that on their own now.  And whatever grades they earn, I don’t, for the moment, have to argue with them about.

As I was saying… Things.


I might be thinking of grading because I was back at one of my old campuses yesterday, and drove near several others…. or it might be that, as with grading, my mind and mouth are full of tactless, truthful things I’d like to say, and yet know with my heart and well-worn common sense aren’t productive things to say…

Moving on then, to the Things that I might remove, to make way for other, more useful Things: Do I need that collection of business reports?  Do I need that stack of syllabi, or that bundle of articles for impressing people who I no longer need to impress?  It’s all virtual, it doesn’t take up “space” in the office, but am I really ready to burn it to CD or DVD, or punt it to a cloud I don’t entirely trust?  Make room, make way, for …..

I don’t know.  I’m not even sure what I’m making room for.  Something.  Something better than what I’ve got now.

Maybe making room is some strange sort of bait — saying that there’s room at a metaphoric inn, hoping something special will arrive, looking for just that bit of space to get started….


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