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Prawns and dill are a Swedish thing — and I am not, but I do like a good Midsommer celebration, even when there have to be some substitutions in the foods for the festivities.

And for those who like the occassional recipe: [you will have to scale up for more shrimp, of course; I only poached half a pound of them]

Fill the pan you will be cooking in about halfway full with water.  Get it simmering.
Meanwhile, prepare and add the following:

Clove of garlic, in several big pieces
Pinch of ginger powder [if you have real ginger-root, add to your liking]
Bay leaf
Several fronds of baby fennel [baby fennel because that’s what is growing in the pots I bought. Later in the year it might have been one rib of “grown-up” fennel]
Splash of wine [or Dubonet, which is what I use for cooking many things]
Pinch of salt

Let simmer for 5 minutes before adding the shrimp, then simmer for a few minutes [3?] more to get the shrimp poached.  Get shrimp on ice right after they have turned that nice shade of pink.


To add insult to injury:  Mango with Mint and Basil

Get two nice “champagne” mangos [the little yellow ones] that are fully ripe.

Peel and dice out the fruit.

Go out into the backyard and gather basil, basil flowers, and some mint.

Chop these into fine little shreds — it’s sort of like confetti or sprinkles for the fruit
Add to mango pieces, mix, and add a splash of mead, wine, or balsamic vinegar


The mead-du-jour was B.Nektar {Wildflower} from Michigan, which
is aged briefly in oak casks [nice, change from other meads I’ve had, although now I _really_ want to try the version aged in the bourbon barrels…!]

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