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No, I don’t mean this:

Hamlet, as imagined by Kate BeatonI mean this: LARPing Hamlet at Elsinore Castle (Kronborg, Denmark)

Let's go have lunch in a giant chess board.  Oh, yes, let's do!This is the description given in The Atlantic:

Imagine that it’s 1935, in a world where the French Revolution never happened. The economic collapse of the late 1920s has festered for years, and the oppressed classes of Europe have embraced Marxism as a result. Across the continent, destitute workers have risen up and overthrown the great houses of Europe. One by one, these houses have fallen. Now, the only powerful family left is the House of Hamlet, in the Court of King Claudius.

You are a member of Claudius’s court. And you are stowed away, like everyone else in the house, in the castle fortress Elsinore. You are hiding from the upstart Prince Fortinbras, who has allied himself with the Reds.

This is the concept of Inside Hamlet, an interactive performance that takes place this weekend and next in the real Elsinore, at Denmark’s Kronborg Castle. Over the course of three five-hour acts, 100 actors will assume the roles of royals and servants of the House of Hamlet—and other related houses who have taken refuge at the fortress—and imagine the action that follows.

And if you just want more information about Kronborg as a UNESCO World Heritage site, go here.

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Actually, I don’t recommend parking on the jellyfish: the traction is terrible getting back onto the street.

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Peaceable-WindowOur corner of the world has a market for meditation figurines for cats, for cat owners, for people who think this sort of sculpture is necesary, cute, droll, something. Pick something. Buy something.  Wrap electrical wire around it and make art, make a statement, make a fire hazard.

Celebrate the season.

Have some tea.

March in the cold.

Sing the sun back into this section of the sky.

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Local colors

LocalsceneYou know how it is when one thing just blurs into another….

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The wheel of the year turns, and it’s time to admire other gardens…

DSC_0531We quite like the drive over to Longwood, one of the old DuPont estates [better living through chemistry, etc., etc….]. The new meadow area has grown in beautifully since our visit last fall, and the restored lily ponds were gleaming in the light of late afternoon.  Even if I do put in a small pond in our meadow, I’ll never be growing specimens like these!

DSC_0453We got a good five miles of hiking and strolling together before heading back to the car and visiting one of our old haunts for dinner.

DSC_0206No, not that kind of haunt.  We stay firmly on this side of the veil, even at this time of year…

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StippleStoneworkRusting gears, limestone fretwork; one set of things is missing the rest of its machinery, and the other is missing the bulk of the architecture to which it used to belong.  Maybe the rest was part of a filling apparatus at a chocolate factory.  Maybe the rest of the building was brick, or greystone, or whatever rocks were handy 150 years ago.  Probably there had been some sacred purpose; maybe people walked beneath these curves to weddings, baptisms, funerals….and then one day they couldn’t.  It was over. [More stuff I can’t fix.]

But put these remnants together, in one image, we get something at least pleasing to the eyes.  Maybe it’s just my eyes?

There’s something appealing about the fact that the true colors here belong to the part of the image you can’t really see.

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This week I had a conference to attend, so I got to spend some time in a city center I don’t normally get to visit on foot.  Even better, the weather was splendid and the afternoon light was hitting the scenery just right for clear photography.

The frieze on one building alternated these owls with what I had initially thought were slightly different owls, but I think they are really bat-like creatures… Although I’m not sure why the designers wouldn’t have also alternated the wing styles when they switched out the heads.  You end up with odd cat-bat-bird critters.  While they are fine cat-bat-bird critters, I decided my example here could do with a bit of distortion correction, since the frieze is up a goodly number of stories from the ground:

BatFrieze2Despite putting bird wings with the mammalian face, that’s somehow less strange than the change in the opposite direction:  the scale of the eyes on the bat-creatures is better than the scale of the eyes on the owls.  Look up there again: tiny little eyes on the owls!  It’s as if X the Owl got into Henrietta’s secret batch of special brownies, if you know what I mean…

The bats know for sure, but they aren’t telling.

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