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Blue-Snowflakes-2014Let’s see.

  • Gifts
  • Tree
    • The decoration thereof
  • Cards? Maybe?  New year’s cards, maybe?
  • Lunch
  • Mailing brown paper packages [string optional]
  • Putting away the things necessary for doing the above
  • Burn concert CDs
  • Tape measures
  • Practicing with MagicPlan app
  • Sleep

In no particular order…


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The things are everywhere.  THINGS.  Some of them are useful, some attractive, but an irritating lot of them are just there, taking up space [physical and mental] — they need to go.

With the holidays mostly past [there are still a few family members we haven’t been able to visit with yet, and Christmas doesn’t officially end in our home until after Epiphany…sometimes well-after], it’s time to declutter!

So far I’ve manage to find most of the kitchen counters, my desktop, my work table, and there’s hope that next week will be full of similar bustling.

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