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…and they show no signs of groovin’ it to the borderline, probably because the neighbors might scream and kill them. What we have is a family of Northern brown snakes (Storeria dekayi dekayi), who apparently live on earthworms, crickets, and other small invertebrates, of which we now have a thriving population, thanks to lax mowing habits, new plantings, and lots of Leafgro.

I’ve seen at least one of the adults and probably five of the little ones over the last few weeks. Pretty much, I see the snake, it notices there’s something large and potentially threatening in the environment, and they move away. This works for everybody [well, probably not everybody; one of my former officemates would be terrified of setting foot in my yard if I told her there were snakes.]

I know that all of nature is not “friendly”. I wouldn’t be warm and fuzzy about a nest of copperheads (I did know someone who ran into one of those nests while mowing too close to a shrub; she survived, they did not), and I have no love for the yellowjackets that come to explore my spouse’s office. But the increased variety of bees, butterflies, mantises, and other interesting outside creatures lets me feel that my gardening in Elsinore results in good that isn’t just for myself.

Musical cue: Duran Duran, of course.

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