Kill your Lawn, know your history



Last shrimp

Last shrimp


Yes, it’s the

Last Shrimp

The last shrimp


We’ve eaten the others

We’ve eaten hors d’oeuvres by the dozens!

But this one’s waiting

And waiting

Why are you people hesitating?

C’mon baby — eat that shrimp!

C’mon, someone eat that shrimp!

Please eat

That last shrimp



Swimming on Broken Glass

Metaphorically, I suppose.  I’m fine.  And all you see here is ice.  But it was hella cold for a while, and what else to do but play with food coloring, water, and the giant outdoor freezer?


Ice, ice, baby

So we’ve managed to disrupt the Jet Stream…. When the great Atlantic currents literally start going south, what happens to climate in the UK?


This place!” — One Night in Bangkok, Act II, Chess



Some things are more possible when many things are in motion — for instance — if you put two avid readers into one house, there will be bookshelves, but then there will eventually be book gridlock.  All the spaces have been filled, and you can’t sort what’s there easily because there’s no place to put them during the process, other than the floor, and that leads to madness.

And tripping.

And cats perching on the stacks, swatting at you as you go by, because they suddenly think your hamstrings are going to be easier to cut from this new angle.

[Not really]

But behold!  New bookshelves have arrived for Christmas, which frees up space for sorting!

Do I still need 5 years of Specialty Coffee Retailer in hardcopy?  Well, maybe not. 

Do I need the Curriculum guides from that last department?  Oh, hell no.  So there’s 5 more feet of shelf-space reclaimed, and I can think about bringing certain items down from the attic while sending others up there, out of the way, since I’m not going to be teaching freshman comp again anytime soon.

Music for shelfreading: Choral Polyphony.

Which Age is it, then?

Chronicle Higher Ed poster v2

Original source: Chronicle of Higher Education

If you can pinpoint which issue from this summer the original art appeared, so I can acknowledge the artist properly, that would be wonderful!