…..do not mix well.

So instead, may I offer you the 2017 Purple Crocus Kickline:

Crocus kickline


Ember is Two…

Well, singing, actually, but you get the idea.  There are many voices that need to be raised up, and many good things to be saved.

And while we’re at it: Do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God


Wind in the grasses

There’s huffing and puffing and yet…


I have seen birds darting about, gathering food.  I have heard wrens singing in the morning. I know that seeds wait until the time is right to sprout. I know even if there is rain, there will be scientists marching in April.


When in doubt, sing

Sinuses permitting, of course.


Afternoon Racket

Sawing, chopping, occassional sirens, cats commenting on various injustices.

Thud, roar, vrrrrrrrrrrrrr…

31187_objectAnd the minutes tick away….

Cold, cold, cold…