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I’ve never tried sleeping on this rock, but it does regularly get anointed with oil.  Call this offering ‘The first fruits of lunching’, as this oil is from each jar of peanut butter I open here. Yes, I know you’re supposed to stir it in….but we don’t need those calories, and the peanut butter works just fine without the separated part.

I think the local squirrels are more impressed by my actions than any Deity.  But you never know….

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Ah, the beauty of the Denver Botanic Gardens….

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“Lara’s Theme” from Dr. Zhivago, is a fine enough piece of music… but in this setting, where the music is faintly swelling from the hidden speakers in the shrubberies..


It doesn’t seem to be working out quite as planned….

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HouseNestledInTheRocksRemarkably copter-free, too!

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