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She’s asleep.

EmberSleeping3mosWhile on the topics of kitties and dreams coming true, this celebratory installment of Breaking Cat News is full of win.

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Die sock!  Die die die die die!

I shall take this sock and sacrifice it from the highest peak, that you should know the world is MINE….

Actually, Ember is quite good at climbing, and leaping, and now is also reasonably expert in driving our 14 yr old cat crazy.  But there are times when her motor skills or understanding of the world are juuuuuuust shy of what she would like them to be, and you can see the frustration flare in her body language.  The whites of her eyes are suddenly visible, her back arches one way and her head twists in a rival direction….back and forth. She pauses, then picks up speed.  Stops abruptly and makes a sharp cough-spitting sound — “HKkkkh-Kh!” — drops to the floor from wherever she’s climbed, and bolts away.

The currently trendy term “adulting” seems best applied to all those activities which are NOT flailing, spitting, and running in response to stressful situations.  It’s not that we don’t want to do those feral things, but that we have enough experience to look down the road and see that the consequences don’t get us any closer to resolving those stressors.

Would that more people could get out of their own ids long enough to ‘adult’.  Lives would be saved.  Dignity spared. Progress could be made.

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On writing with a kitten

When writing with a kitten… or rather, when attempting to type in the presence of a kitten, there are a few things to remember.

  1. The kitten wants to be in your lap
    1. You are warm
    2. You are Mom
    3. You are making the screen move
    4. You are making your fingers move
    5. Your pants are tasty [wait, what?]
  2. The kitten has just achieved fine motor ennervation of its tail
    1. Tail is now more expressive
    2. Tail is now a surprise
    3. 8iuioio98n [pouncing on tail can result in unexpected text]
  3.  Distracting the kitten so you can type what you want to type
    1. Use the long grass stalks that the mower and string trimmer leave behind as kitten exercisers
    2. Provide food only inside the cage/den, away from your desk
    3. Accept that any used Kleenex(r) will be stolen and carried away in triumph

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Feed kittens

Order music boxes

Prep for service

Check venue availability for winter concert





Consult with Silent Auction team


Call paint/repair company

Select Policy Revision team

Review manuscript

Identify safer meal for dinner

Rehearse music

Water new plants; ideally, get some in the ground


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So this is a thing that happened….


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I do not know what it is about moving house that evokes major weather events.  I’ve moved apartments in 100 year storms [one of my movers couldn’t make it back home, and had to collapse back at my new place].  

We’ve slowly treked [15mph on a major national highway!] through blinding snow and ice, reluctantly pulling over every few dozen miles to scrape ice from the windshields [then grimly waiting for a space to open up in the epic caterpillar of desperate cars on the main roadway so we could resume our journey].  

Honestly — wasn’t the screaming cats in the cars enough?  Weren’t the sorting and boxing and ‘oh just take it already’ and ‘d’ya think I can get this out of the ground in one viable piece?’-ing enough icing on the upheaval?

Ah, but there’s nothing like being in a situation where _you_ are just on the edge of being able to cope multiplied by being surrounded by an entire region that is well outside its functional zone as well.  The gods chortle: “Oh, hey — HERE’S an Idea:  how about thowing 11+ inches of snow and ice on top of people who think the proper temperature for this time of year is 56 with a vaguely nippy breeze coming in from the ocean?”

Oh, sure…. I’ll just hop in my car and get right in the middle of that.  Whee….!

Have filial piety, will travel.

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