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Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, the Yarn Harlot, periodically has posts about having to undo work because of errors.  Often, she soldiers on longer than she ought after having identified the errors, and we all get to be amused/distressed together about it.

Today, I get a similar opportunity.

It was supposed to be simple — download the document from my office, finish the edits, upload the document, DONE!

No.  Something has become strange and unreliable about my local conversion program.  Sentences are missing, or broken, or spliced in strange ways.  My line numbers have vanished. AGH v.1

I think: Oh, I’ll switch to the cloud-based version, and see if I can wrap up the edits in Google Docs.  I open the supposedly very same document, see that the sentences are not mangled or missing, and then……. realize I can’t see my comments.  And I can’t tell if they will magically reappear when the file is sent back to the intended recipient. [You know how saving in a different format is just asking for additional badness to occur. It’s like standing on the blasted heath with King Lear, daring the lightning to come down.]

So, my Friday afternoon at home, editing with intervals of lawnmowing, will soon become my afternoon on I95.  Aghhhhh v.2   Agh v.3 And I’ve taken a lot of allergy medicine, because RAGWEEEEEEEEED.

Word is making me moar coffee.

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