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My keyboard is ‘mine’ momentarily, because the Kitten has decided that pushing a prosecco cork in and out from under a bookshelf is the Most Wonderful Game [not to be confused with “The Most Dangerous Game“, the heavy-handed short story so many of us had to slog through in high school].

Having finished the concerts and gotten the family back to their home, I get to focus on administrative issues [well, and parts of the lawn, and parts of our house, and humoring the Elder Cats].

How you arrived cannot be how you go...

How you arrived cannot be how you go…

The patent date on the metal strapping is 1887; the shipping label on the side says this trunk was sent to New York City in 1894.  The building to which it was sent is still standing, although I doubt the current owners have any connection to my family.

On the other hand, maybe it wouldn’t be a total surprise if there was a family connection and no one had bothered to talk about it or maintain that connection in the last 100 years.  These things do happen…


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