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Oh, your ring of keys…!


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On writing with a kitten

When writing with a kitten… or rather, when attempting to type in the presence of a kitten, there are a few things to remember.

  1. The kitten wants to be in your lap
    1. You are warm
    2. You are Mom
    3. You are making the screen move
    4. You are making your fingers move
    5. Your pants are tasty [wait, what?]
  2. The kitten has just achieved fine motor ennervation of its tail
    1. Tail is now more expressive
    2. Tail is now a surprise
    3. 8iuioio98n [pouncing on tail can result in unexpected text]
  3.  Distracting the kitten so you can type what you want to type
    1. Use the long grass stalks that the mower and string trimmer leave behind as kitten exercisers
    2. Provide food only inside the cage/den, away from your desk
    3. Accept that any used Kleenex(r) will be stolen and carried away in triumph

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