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No no no no no


Well, it was time for that geranium to go outside for the season anyway…


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Actually, the music I’m hearing right now is from Trout Fishing in America:


“All roads lead to my house
Even those I’ve never known!
And when I turn out of my driveway
I’m just
Taking the scenic route home!”

The viburnum blossoms were shimmering along the mountain roadways as we headed back to Elsinore earlier this week. When I looked out into the garden today, yes, ours were blooming too:  the fragrant Korean one in the front yard, and the lace-cap hydrangea-like native in the shady area.  Near to that was the fringe tree, which has settled in nicely, and below both were mountain phlox.  I got a few sage and other ornamentals into the big planter retrieved from the old family homestead, and I’m trying not to think about the heavy metal gravesite gate my grandfather had retrieved from the family plot, set up on a hillside, and then, well, I don’t think we’re going to move it ever again, whether or not any of our folks remain on that mountain.  Maybe it will be a mystery for other people’s children and grandchildren to wonder about?  Why have an elaborate gate near a giant, useless radar dish?  What does the name on the gate mean?  Where where they from? How on earth did it get here?

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So there were five, and three immediately got homes when it came time for them to stop living under our back steps.  The two gingers are being fostered, and I am sure they will be fine, because the amount of adorable they generated was quite impressive, and hand-tamed kittens are typically easier placements than adult cats.  I’ll check with the rescue to find out how they fare.

In the meantime, though, here is our new kitty:

Oh, hai...  Can you make the grass move again, so I can kill it some more?

Oh, hai… Can you make the grass move again, so I can kill it some more?

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Perhaps Outstanding can help us with the ID — during that ridiculously balmy New England weekend we just had, I spotted this little drama happening on an unfurling fiddlehead:


Bonus:  Somethings there are that do not love walls:


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Baby leaves


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Feed kittens

Order music boxes

Prep for service

Check venue availability for winter concert





Consult with Silent Auction team


Call paint/repair company

Select Policy Revision team

Review manuscript

Identify safer meal for dinner

Rehearse music

Water new plants; ideally, get some in the ground


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Mama Boots


Apparently they are best, safest place to wrestle and then fall asleep…..

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