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Spring expectations




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  You think you know what you have, think you have it set in a sensible place, hope you’ve saved something of the past, even if it can’t tell you everything about where it’s been….


And then….one morning…..


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Some disassembly requiredOr, “if these Baptisia clumps keep getting bigger each year, I really am going to have to rent or own a chipper to get the spring garden cleaning done…”

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Special Guest Bee: the Re-Blogged Edition!

“Polyester bees, cellophane bees!
Little bees buzzing out to greet the warmer weather.
Clever little chemists, fuzzy engineers,
Ruffle up the daffodils and pollinate the heather….”


Aha!  Finally spring has sprung and the first bees are emerging.  Colletes inaequalis, the Cellophane Bee, is the first bee (that I know of) to emerge in my region.  I know where a nest site is, and I love to take photos there in early spring…despite the fact that it is adjacent to a bus stop.  As they come and go, people eye this weirdo crawling around belly in the dirt, taking photos of apparently barren patches of soil.

I’ve decided I like these larger shots showing some background as well as the macro shots.


Aw, don’t be shy…

Sometimes people at the bus stop ask me questions, and this time a particularly inquisitive student came up to ask, “Excuse me, who are you? What are you doing?” which proceeding to lead to a long discussion about research.  She said, “I was told that’s not a good idea because…

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20150407-153432.jpg Spotted yesterday on a rack; not really enough for decent pillows or cushions…


Those are mini skirts, you say?

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The new garden bed is starting to show signs of life.  Crocuses, grape hyacinth leaves, a bit of new growth at the base of the perennials, and little red fists of peony leaves are punching upward from the soil…NewBulbGarden2015I’ve also learned that a happy side effect of leaving more of the aster stalks up through the winter is that it is more difficult for the rabbits to get at the rock iris:

Crocus-RockIris2015And did you notice our first Special Guest Bee for 2015?  Yes!  The First Bee of Spring!!

It’s right near the center of one of the striped crocuses.  Here:

It's a Bee!

Maybe a polyester bee?

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