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No, I don’t mean this:

Hamlet, as imagined by Kate BeatonI mean this: LARPing Hamlet at Elsinore Castle (Kronborg, Denmark)

Let's go have lunch in a giant chess board.  Oh, yes, let's do!This is the description given in The Atlantic:

Imagine that it’s 1935, in a world where the French Revolution never happened. The economic collapse of the late 1920s has festered for years, and the oppressed classes of Europe have embraced Marxism as a result. Across the continent, destitute workers have risen up and overthrown the great houses of Europe. One by one, these houses have fallen. Now, the only powerful family left is the House of Hamlet, in the Court of King Claudius.

You are a member of Claudius’s court. And you are stowed away, like everyone else in the house, in the castle fortress Elsinore. You are hiding from the upstart Prince Fortinbras, who has allied himself with the Reds.

This is the concept of Inside Hamlet, an interactive performance that takes place this weekend and next in the real Elsinore, at Denmark’s Kronborg Castle. Over the course of three five-hour acts, 100 actors will assume the roles of royals and servants of the House of Hamlet—and other related houses who have taken refuge at the fortress—and imagine the action that follows.

And if you just want more information about Kronborg as a UNESCO World Heritage site, go here.

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