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That’s what the Great Blue Heron here was doing a moment or two before I got my camera out.  I’d really not thought I’d get a chance to snap any pictures at all, because so often they see you approach and fhwoooph! out go those giant wings and you only get to see the creature leap into the sky, up, up, and away from you.

Left-facing-Heron-winterThere was only a small patch of open water near where the Heron was sitting, and it didn’t seem inclined to go wading out beyond the shoreline.  Can’t blame it; the water might be a little warmer than the air, but it’s still 32 or below [I am guessing that brackish water freezes at a lower temperature, much the way salt water does].

Rain, ice, rain, snow, ice.

Music selection: Slip Slidin’ Away, by Paul Simon

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