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IMG_3814Suggested starting point:  People in other countries think we are crazy and therefore….

Alternative: what is that sea star doing to that bespectacled man?


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The cats are prowling around the base of the steamer trunk, on which I have perched the Christmas tree. The steamer trunk set-up is an improvement over perching the tree on an endtable, or small child’s table, both of which have been used in the past.

The eldest cat, who doesn’t climb much of anything these days, and can no longer leap up to the bed or a windowsill, skulks widdershins around the steamer trunk, and watches Word hang little twisted tin candy canes on the lower branches. He sniffs at the wire of lights that cascades down the back of the tree to the nearby electrical outlet. He sits.


I had my first Christmas tree in an apartment of my own when he was a kitten, and as the tree lay horizontal on the rug in my bedroom/office area, he managed to embed himself in the branches as soon as I’d gotten the netting off the object. Somewhere I have a picture of his manic green-gold eyes, glaring at me, his shadowy face blurring into the dark needles… He was terribly pleased about the whole thing. Getting him out again was quite a trick…. I think gloves were involved.

Merrily greet the time, with bells and songs and yule cats!

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Blue-Snowflakes-2014Let’s see.

  • Gifts
  • Tree
    • The decoration thereof
  • Cards? Maybe?  New year’s cards, maybe?
  • Lunch
  • Mailing brown paper packages [string optional]
  • Putting away the things necessary for doing the above
  • Burn concert CDs
  • Tape measures
  • Practicing with MagicPlan app
  • Sleep

In no particular order…

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ComputingColumbinesI’m used to doing round trips to places, but circumstances are the verge of making one giant k-turn after which going back to some of those places will be impossible.  Simultaneously, a place that was squarely in the “holiday” box will be migrating into the “ordinary, work-a-day” box, and that knocks some formerly-comforting edges off each concept.

Surely, there’s a Judith Viorst poem or essay about this somewhere; I don’t have the patience to look it up at the moment.

The lack of patience might be a side effect of the end of the semester — I don’t have traditional grades due this time around, but I’ve got plenty of papers to evaluate, and I feel a little like some of the freshmen I’ve taught in the past, whose sentences wrapped so tightly in upon themselves that the meaning so clear to them was barely visible to any other reader. There’s every chance I’m not making a great deal of sense to anyone, not even to myself at the moment.

So try again later.  Revise, refine, rethink.


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Gaspump gearsI could just have easily asked “What’s behind this?” If we didn’t travel via asphalt and gas and steel, this construct wouldn’t have been necessary. But it’s nice seeing inside, and interesting to think about whoever had to maintain and certify this unit.  Some jobs are kept invisible, even though they’re more interesting than many of the obvious ones…

[Of course, this could just be the kind of observation one expects from somebody who is typically working behind the scenes and only occassionally out front talking to the audience…]

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My German may be questionable, but these roasted quince quarters are most definitely delicious!!!

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