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Storms will be sweeping through again [eventually], and I’m hoping I won’t be spending the evening mixing hydraulic cement.  I’d thought I’d had a bad time of it during the last round of storms, until I heard that one neighbor had 8 inches of water in his basement, and another neighbor had been too scared to look at the state of her basement until several days after the event. [I never did find out what she found when she got around to checking…]


The other [“other other”?] side of this is how exhilarating the winds can be beforehand.  Pollen gets swept out to sea, hair gets ruffled up [and in my case, starts curling], ferns unfurl a little faster….  I remember taking walks across various campuses in this weather, talking eagerly with classmates or colleagues through the crazy swirl that comes at the end of each academic year.

Now, as I hear sirens outside careening towards I-don’t-know-what, I think of one particular season of study-sessions when our work was interrupted by increasingly dire announcements from the radio: Two alarms. Three alarms. Four alarms.  Five….



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