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There all kinds of customs that I never thought I’d be heir to. Oh, say, getting to use the word “fiancé”. 

We never expected to have a legal marriage or formal wedding ceremony, nor any of the registry business…and what would you put in a dyke trousseau, anyway?  A long-standing joke was that our housewarming/bridal gifts were all from Saturn [in the form of a hefty Target gift card that came with one of my vehicle purchases]. 

But as we set the Thanksgiving table for our family guests this year, there were plenty of formal items a woman might have expected to get as wedding presents: gold-rimmed china from my great grandmother [she ordered it piece by piece by subscription], silver from my great aunt [the untarnished, rarely used mate to the set my grandmother, her sister, used on a daily basis], serving dishes from both families, flatware from one apartment, carving knives from Word’s grandparents….

Wine [recommended by Purlewe and ElusiveS from their trip to France] gets poured into a motley set of glasses while Word and I sip gin and tonics from my grandfather’s engraved Old Fashioned glasses.  We eat, laugh, and discuss where the food came from, and the fun of deciding which recipes to prepare. 

Ordinary.  Wonderful.

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