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So you kill the zoiza grass, then you aerate the soil with a pitchfork, and you wait for the rain to stop. Then you turn the soil, and go on a trip. Return and remove all the weed seedlings. Add a bag of Leafgrow and rake it in. Wait a week because it is beastly hot.

It rains some more.

Collect herbs and putative annuals from 50% off racks of nearby nurseries; in a land where one can have 3′ tall, 4year-old Dusty Miller, “annual” is a ridiculous classification.

Plant/transplant everything. Edge with recycled bricks, cement and stone.


Go inside and drink water, then fill a glass with ice cubes, half a shot of Art in the Age ‘Snap’, and fill with tart cherry juice. Retire to the air-conditioned living room…

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