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Still not done…

Filing goes slowly when you have to find or create the file folder.  I know that there are more virtual ways of solving this problem, but —

Oh, wait.  I think I might have remembered where the rest of the unused folders are.  Look at this while I go deal with those…

AcornSquashIntermezzoNo, I was wrong.  That’s not where there are more file folders.  Drat.  May actually have to purchase some.  Hmph.

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It is incredibly soggy here, as it is in many places.  So I’m inside trying to find various hard surfaces known as “desks” in my office, which appear to have been obscured with bits of paper, only some of which I actually need.

On the other hand, at least it’s not the kind of paperwork that got snarled in the teeth of human nature that Dr. Grumpy describes over at his online space.  Go read that while I finish trying to clean up here….

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