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That day, and this one

This is not what I’m looking at right now, but it was a lovely place to be:


The heat of that day took hours to wear off, so even 9pm was more temperate than what I felt while outside weeding this afternoon.  Separately we had seen dust kicked up by wild horses, heard coyotes howl, listened to the chatter of conference-goers at buffet lines, or heard Native music piped out from speakers hidden in the rocky gardens.


The official point of the trip was making business connections, and certainly I did some of that, along with catching up with colleagues I haven’t seen in years.  But the beauty of the place is what stays with me.

Hummingbirds darted around the succulents in bloom, lizards darted between bits of shade in the shimmering heat of mid-afternoon, red rocks were interrupted by crumbly quartz and green copper ore.

I discovered a plant called ‘Texas Mountain Laurel”, which looks like a shrubby tree version of wisteria, and smells for all the world like grape soda or 1970’s-era Dimetapp liquid.

TexasMountainLaurelI’ve got a few seeds, but I suspect I would be more successful getting a potted shrub version of the plant and bringing it inside each winter.

I have to laugh, though:  it was after we got back from a brief ‘summer’ that our region finally got some snow!


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