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I wish I could track down where I had learned this, but I’d heard from a gardener a few years ago that while the aster Purple Dome had terrific color, it was sterile [that I can confirm elsewhere] and that it didn’t have a lot of nectar, if any, to offer bees or butterflies.

And, as you can see, the color is great, but do you see any visitors?  Nope, me neither.
Granted, I have heard that some asters are so splendidly pollen/nectar-iferous that bees and butterflies will ignore other offerings in favor of “the really good stuff”, but the plant here just wasn’t attracting anybody, and you’d think they’d stop by to at least look around….

Meanwhile, the October Skies and wild white asters are all abuzz here.  This Purple Dome specimen stayed at the garden center. Why spoil the party?

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I understand there was a debate last night. I understand that it is being dissected to death today.
But I have a series of virology lectures I can listen to and watch instead…

So I can learn something new, rather than listen to people digging their trenches deeper….

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