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You know how it is — the bees are buzzing in the flowers, the lavender is ready to harvest, and maybe one morning the hummers will discover the agastache.  The frozen pineapple chunks have melted in your limoncello, and….

Oh.  Well, that’s how it is for me this afternoon.  Hey, at least if I’m projecting, I’m projecting a pleasant afternoon at y’all.

Here are a few less pleasant items:

“Appropriate use and disposal of dredged sediment deem vital roles in the security of the nation’s coastal and oceanic resources.”

“Over indulging is a concept that humans have been living through for the past hundred years.”

“These articles read as if an academic (professional) approach towards information and explanation.”

“A series of best management practices assist agricultural businesses by setting policies that allow farmers to abid by to provide equal and less harmful effects against the environment.”

“I am very interested in winemaking, vineyard management and just wine in general.  I would like very much to come over and introduce myself.  As well as try some of your wines.”

“These stakeholders contribute vital roles that dictate how [procedures] should be done in order to beneficially conerve and maintain economic, transportation, and integrity in the most beneficial ways.”

“The history of the Pierce’s disease is also explained as a method to inform the reasoning.”

“Positive community action whether it be cleaning and planting an area or boycotting companies with major infractions, observing change will inspire yet more action.”

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It’s not as if fighting for justice, truth, and peace was ever practical in a star-spangled swimsuit [armored or not].  But it appears that one of my favorite icons is getting a makeover courtesy of the brains behind Babylon 5.  I always did appreciate the complexity he wove into that series, but that doesn’t make me particularly enthusiastic about how he’ll treat Wonder Woman.  Initial reports are that the Amazons and their homeland are getting the axe [again], and that seems like cutting off the mythology at the knees.

F’goshsakes — the kink was supposed to be bondage [for character-building purposes], not mutilation. <sigh> O tempore, o mores! [Alas, I can’t say that in Themiscyran…]

Geeky Admission: Given that the architecture of Themiscyra was always on the classical Greek model, part of the fun was imagining if they’d have the missing documents of Aristotle and the Sophists hiding somewhere in their library…

And of course, this discussion wouldn’t be complete without some link love to GayProf’s essay on this subject.

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