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There are things in the world that I know to be dangerous and perhaps inevitable. Earthquakes in Central America, for instance. I know about those, and my prayers are with the people of Haiti and anyone trying to help them right now.

But there are plenty of other things that I don’t spend much mental time fretting about….for instance, “How fast does sewage travel in London?”

Yet now I know, thanks to Lord West’s testimony about how the 2012 Olympic site in London is being protected from all manner of electronic or physical disaster:

“He was quizzed about what had been done to protect the 2012 Olympics site in Stratford, East London.

“There has been a lot physical work to ensure, for example, overhead power lines and everything now go underground,” he told the Lords EU sub-committee.

“Things like the sewage system – that has been adjusted and we have protection in place for that because all of North London’s sewage suddenly shooting on to the Olympics site – it travels at about 40 miles an hour down three pipes, each of which is a 12 inch bore, would be quite exciting I think, and those aspects are being looked at as well.”

Ooh, thank you BBC, for that incredible image, and thank you Lord West, for expanding the definition of “exciting” beyond rational repair.

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