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Well, but I’m sure the bacon-o-philes out there would just plotz:

Lard Caramels [i.e., replace the butter in the traditional caramel recipe with rendered hog fat]

Folks, I have enough trouble with butter as a concept as it is….this…this…?  Blargh…..

More interesting content soon….


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If we are to make sure that this disease is substantial enough in American families, the data needs to be more sufficient and concrete to make an accurate conclusion.

Yeah, and you should get some government funding to study that further?  No, I don’t think so.

And what’s this about someone searching for “a sentence containing ‘pedestal'” and landing here? [And out of the back storerooms of my brain, I hear a ghastly echo of Anne Murray singing “You put me high/Upon a pedestal/So high that I could almost see Eternity…”]

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For example, I haven’t seen too many sentences like this one yet this semester:

“The bridge in this article is that because the scores of this test were rendered towards the fact that the nature of the counselling workforce has been altered.”

My Nikon is still out of commission, which is why you haven’t seen much new here in a while.  I’ve actually written several pretty good essays in my head, but you don’t get to go there….

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