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The phone rings:GeniusOfLiberty

[Unfamiliar male voice] Hi, can I talk to Thory?

[Me] Um…why?

Do you think jobs in Elsinore should be for the people of Elsinor?


Uh, jobs in, working for Elsinore Township Council — should they be for Elsinor Township residents?

[I think about this a moment]  Is this a poll?

We, we just want to know if you can help out — someone could contact you to help organize for —

Look.  Jobs should go to the people qualified to do them. If there are people in Elsinor who can do the jobs, that’s great. Hire them. If there aren’t enough people to do the jobs, then hire people from wherever to get the work done.


But really, we all know Elsinore Township is broke — we’re cutting jobs and laying people off — so I don’t think this question about hiring even matters right now.

Well, ah….

Look, I know this isn’t your fault; you’re just trying to do your job calling people. But I can’t help with your project.



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